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Community Events

Apologies we have had to cancel all our group activities due to coronavirus. To see how we're coping with the current restrictions please visit our news page.

We run several local events annually including Hitchin’s Apple Day in October and the Triangle Garden Talk in July (previous speakers have included Alys Fowler, James Wong, Bob Flowerdew, Joe Swift and Christine Walkden). Look out for it in the annual Hitchin Festival programme. We also hold several community events at the Garden including our Open Day and Fun Dog Show in June and our long-running family Halloween festivities. 

The aims of these events is not only to raise funds but also to nurture community spirit and promote all the things we stand for, such as living sustainability, caring for the environment, working with nature, and ensuring our children understand why all this matters.

Being part of such an event can be a really positive experience and every little contribution makes a difference whether its manning a stall for an hour, baking some cakes, devising an activity, delivering some flyers, putting up posters or just coming along and joining in the fun on the day. We always need volunteers for any of the above and really appreciate every contribution large or small, so please do contact us if you'd like to help: email [email protected]