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Donate your apples for juicing! Collection 3

Monday, 17 September 2018
(from Friday 14 Sept 2018)

Do you have apples in your garden that you’re not planning to use? Why not give them to a good cause?

The Triangle Community Garden is holding a series of apple collections to supplement the garden’s own apples harvest and produce a new batch of delicious bottled Triangle Community Garden Apple Juice.

Apples for donation need to be in the following condition: ripe (ie they come off the tree with a gentle twist of the stem), un-bruised (one bruised apple can cause the whole load to go off), freshly-picked - preferably the same day, cookers or eaters (either are fine), but no crab apples please). Please deliver them in cardboard boxes, not plastic bags, thank you.

Collection dates:

Collection 1: Friday 31st August to Monday 3rd September

Collection 2: Friday 7th Sept to Monday 10th September

Collection 3: Friday 14th Sept to Monday 17th September

Collection 4: Friday 21st Sept to Monday 24th September

Collection 5: Friday 5th Oct to Monday 8th October   

Drop-off points: 

74 Strathmore Ave, Hitchin SG5 1ST or

23 Priory Way, Hitchin  SG4 9BJ.

If you pick and donate 10 kilos or more of usable apples, you may claim a free bottle of Triangle Garden apple juice at Hitchin’s Apple Day on 13th October 2018. Please leave your name and contact details tucked inside each box of donated apples. 

If you have a large load of apples but no transport, please contact Vicky on 07989 321663 - we may be able to collect from you within the dates above.

If you have more than three large apple trees in your garden and would like us to send some volunteers over to pick your crop for us to use, please contact Vicky on 07989 321663 and we will try to oblige. Alternatively you could invite a group of your friends and family for an apple picking morning in aid of this great cause :)