Garden Club rediscover the Forest Garden herb layer

Garden Club members have spent several sunny Friday mornings clearing the Forest Garden and rediscovering forgotten plants amongst the undergrowth. It’s been instructive to see how the garden has evolved over the past year with minimal human intervention. Some plants have held their own while others have disappeared amongst the more vigorous weeds around them. … Read more

Garden Club in April

April is always a busy time for Friday Garden Club. The Forest and Community Gardens have been waking up since early spring with lovely blossom on the almond and apricot trees, ferns unfurling and sparkling blue and white anemones carpeting the ground. A few nettles and brambles are being cleared to allow shrubs, trees, herbs … Read more

Silver linings – what covid-19 has taught us

In a short blog post Chair of Trustees Vicky Wyer considers some of the positives that have emerged over the last year: This is the year the Triangle Garden should have been celebrating its 20th anniversary and the Pavilion its 10th. However it’s never good to dwell on what might have been, and a missed … Read more

How covid-19 has affected the Triangle Garden’s finances

Treasurer Andrew Green outlines how covid-19 and other factors have affected the Triangle Garden’s financial situation: The year was dominated by the impact of COVID-19 on our activities, and those effects are likely to continue well into the next financial year. Fundraising was significantly curtailed. Whilst Apple Day and Halloween in 2019 were successful, we … Read more

Ransom’s Pavilion and Covid-19

Here’s a short update on what’s been happening at Ransom’s Pavilion this year by Vicky Wyer of the TCG premises and safety committee: After 2018’s injection of funding and redecoration TLC to our wonderful little Pavilion, we were able to really capitalise on its community value last year with a full calendar of workshops planned … Read more

Community Events and Covid-19

Here’s an update from our community events team on what we have and haven’t been able to do this year: As you can imagine this piece on events and workshops is going to be quite short but we hope you enjoy it and perhaps get inspired to join our merry band on the events committee! … Read more

Garden Club – what we’ve been up to this year

COVID -19 has had an impact on every aspect of our work at Triangle Garden, including the Garden Club. Here Garden Committee chair Fiona Dolman reflects on the year more broadly and also talks about the impact of COVID on our activities during 2020: Garden Club normally meets every Friday morning 10am-12.15 for some gentle … Read more

Coronavirus update on our Growing Ability projects

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening at our Growing Ability projects since we closed the service in March, we have now reopened (in July) and here’s an update from Project Manager Liz McElroy: Never before has our project been of such benefit and importance to so many people in our community. With the life … Read more

Climate Blog – Low Carbon Christmas

If you’d like to cut your carbon this Christmas why not try some of the suggestions below around reducing your consumption. We’d love to hear your ideas too – just email us at [email protected] 1. Give experiences – make a ‘cheque book’ of experiences that you will do with your children or partner, these could … Read more