Climate Blog – food

Changing your eating habits is one very effective way that individuals can lower their carbon footprint. According to Mike Berners-Lee, author of ‘How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything’, the food we buy makes up around 20% of our carbon footprint. In the UK that’s 170 million tonnes of CO2e which is almost … Read more

Climate Blog – food – I need your help!

Last month we looked at holiday travel, this month I’d like to devote to actions to reduce your carbon footprint around food. But for this I’m going to need your help! I’d like to gather together lots of useful resources that people find helpful on the following topics: reducing meat and dairy in your diet … Read more

Climate Blog – holiday travel by Vicky Wyer

Just back from holiday? Dreaming of your next trip? Concerned about the impact of travel on the climate crisis? Here’s some info to help guide you through this minefield – mostly taken from the book ‘How Bad are Bananas – the Carbon Footprint of Everything’ (1) by Mike Berners-Lee (which by the way is well … Read more

Nature’s Rainbow workshop reviewed by Liz McElroy

Susan and Ashley from Nature’s Rainbow are passionate about dyeing using their own home grown plants. Susan has given talks and written articles for crafters over the country as well as delivering workshops. Ashley has been growing dye plants for 14 years and writes about them in the Nature’s Rainbow blog; he also keeps bees. … Read more

Our vision mission and values!

We’d like to share with you our vision, mission and values hot off the press, with input from everyone who got in touch with us to give us their views. Let us know what you think of them!

Tell us what you think!

Our trustees are currently reviewing the vision, mission and values of the Triangle Garden before writing a new business plan for 2019-2025. The draft vision etc is now out for consultation until the 10th March and we’d welcome the views of all our supporters. Please have a read of the attached pdf and email us your … Read more

Remember the day it rained in the summer of 2018?

That day in the summer of 2018 was Sunday 29th July, our last volunteer morning before the school holidays, and after weeks of intense and unrelenting heat the weather broke and gave us wind and rain! At ten o’clock we were all ready to cancel and go home, thinking that nobody would turn up when … Read more

Garden Club and Growing Health get busy in the kitchen!

This week we have been mostly making use of our produce! Garden Club’s principal jam maker Chris has been busy making Apricot Jam and Spicy Apricot Chutney from the Forest Garden’s bounty. This will be available for sale every Friday morning along with Mary’s delicious Red Grapefruit Marmalade and all our other delicious jams and … Read more

The season of abundance is upon us once again!

This week we began to harvest our apricots, jostaberries, and redcurrants. Our apricot trees, planted in our Forest Garden, are varieties that do well in northern Europe – namely Flavourcot, Tomcot and Orange Summer. It’s the first of these that has had a bumper crop this year, also our most mature tree. These new cultivars … Read more

Makeover for our Pavilion meeting room!

This month a new group of volunteers from local building company Crane gave up their morning to help us give the interior of our Pavilion meeting room/workshop a new lick of paint. A few months ago a group of them had helped us prepare the interior and repaint the doors and skirtings white, but this … Read more