Our Sites

The Triangle Community Garden is just one of the sites we manage, most of which are located close by, within sight of Ransom’s Pavilion.

  • The Triangle Garden is located in the north-eastern corner of Ransom’s Rec, where the river meets the railway embankment.
  • Our Forest Garden runs along the river at the notherly end of the Rec.
  • Our allotment is the northernmost one of the Ransom’s allotment block, nearest to the Pavilion. We also have another half allotment about half-way down the block.
  • We also take an active role in the management of Ransom’s Rec particularly in the central meadow area and the immediate environment of the Pavilion.
  • Finally we occasionally get involved in transforming and maintaining other sites in Hitchin like the garden outside Church House, opposite St Mary’s Church.

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